For the first time in more than 20 years, Tasmania has welcomed direct flights from across the Tasman, with Air New Zealand launching a new direct service between Auckland and Hobart.

On 22 April, Air New Zealand commenced its twice-weekly service which will fly on Thursday and Sundays.

“It’s quite remarkable that there have been no direct international services between Tassie and New Zealand for more than 20-years,” said Sarah Bush, Co-Founder & Director of The Travel Authority Group.

“We’re delighted to see airlines adding new routes to their networks wherever they are in the world, and look forward to seeing our clients dust off their passports and travel again,” added Bush.

Prior to the COVID shocks, Tasmania welcomed 25,000 visitors per year from New Zealand. Expectations are high that these new direct services will increase arrivals significantly, boosted by the fact that there’s no requirement to transit any gateways on the Australian mainland.

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