QANTAS CREDITS for Multiple Future Bookings

Qantas has implemented a process improving how you can use your Qantas ticket value held in credit if your travel was impacted by COVID-19.

You now have the option of using Ticket Credits for multiple bookings.

This means that The Travel Authority Group can safely hold your residual Qantas funds on your behalf.

You can then tap into those funds and use them to make your future bookings when you’re ready to fly any time before 31 December

The process applies to anyone holding a valid Qantas [081] ticket issued prior to 30 April 2020, with flights booked for departure between 31 January 2020 and 31 October 2020.


If you choose this new flexible credit option, you will forfeit the ability to obtain a refund on the credit (if you were entitled to one under the original fare rules of your impacted tickets).

It’s also important to understand that your Qantas ticket funds cannot be transferred to another person. Name changes are not permitted.

Additional terms and conditions do apply, so leave us a note in the form below, or CALL US to discuss your specific requirements.

We’d love to get you flying again soon.