WE LOVE: Connected Partners

Our business is built on deep connections with our clients, staff and our supplier partners. Some of our deepest connections lie with our technology partners who, mostly behind the scenes, super-power our offering and our people.

We were thrilled recently to bring one of those technology partners—an Australian one, no less—out from behind the scenes and into the limelight at our annual conference in Brisbane. Tramada is our engine-room, an advanced platform that streamlines our operations, data management, document production and travel accounting.

Sharon Levingston (right) overseeing the action at The Travel Authority Group conference in Brisbane, May 2019.

And we also loved it when the Tramada team popped in to visit The Travel Authority Group bearing a prize they donated to our conference, a prize that was awarded to Sharon Levingston – Head of Events at the Events Authority.

Tramada’s Country Manager, Susan Enners, and Alan McCartney, Head of Sales & Account Management, generously presented Sharon with an iPad.

“I’m so chuffed”, said Sharon Levingston.

“We’ve had a massive few weeks with our exciting win at the National Travel Industry Awards, and now this. We will put the iPad to good use. It will be a brilliant tool for presentations and for showcasing event spaces to our clients”, added Sharon.

We thank the Tramada team for their ongoing support and partnership with The Travel Authority Group.

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